Tramezzini Cake with Tuscan Ham PDO

10 min
2 portions


5 slices of bread for rectangular sandwiches
250 g of Tuscan Ham PDO
250 g of fresh spreadable cheese
200 g of Russian salad
Red cherry tomatoes
Pitted black olives
Artichokes in oil

Step 1

Arrange a first layer of bread for sandwiches and spread with the cheese and place a few thin slices of ham on it. Proceed with another layer of bread covered with Russian salad. Continue with the layers of sandwich bread spreading the cheese and alternating the ingredients. Using a spatula, spread the remaining cream cheese on the sides and on the surface of the sandwich cake.

Step 2

Arrange four slices of ham on the surface, crossing them in the centre. Form small roses with the remaining slices of ham and arrange in the centre in a bow formation.

Step 3

Finish the preparation by decorating the Tuscan Ham PDO sandwich cake with olives, cherry tomatoes, artichokes and a few leaves of rocket. Serve sliced.

Author Monica Bergomi – Source